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Come down for RSD/Black Friday at Pure Pop on Friday November 25

What is RSD/Black Friday at Pure Pop?

First, there are many exclusive/limited releases(mostly vinyl) that will be available for the first time. ¬†You can check out list of this year’s titles at

Titles, Quantities & Prices at Pure Pop here

Second, we have a storewide sale. (see below for more details)

So how do I get my hands on my favorite Record Store Day release?

Hopefully, you can be at Pure Pop on RSD/Black Friday

There will be a line of people in the morning waiting to get their hands on the most desired RSD titles.

Below is a general explanation of how the day will work.

Pure Pop opens at 10am on RSD/Black Friday

But the more important time is the 9am deadline to be part of the Wish List Drawing.

So, what’s a wish Continue reading RECORD STORE DAY/BLACK FRIDAY 2022

Record Store Day Update – We got a list!

Record Store Day is on it’s way – only a few weeks and a few days away. The official RSD list of releases has come and is downloadable here – It’s long! No single Record Store Day venue will have everything but we’ll be trying to get as much as we can in, supplies are limited though and we’ll keep you in the loop as we find out what’s been confirmed for Pure Pop!