Pure Pop Is Ready For Your Online Business

We’re here & ready to ship out orders from Pure Pop to you.
Free shipping on all orders over $50.

Pure Pop in-stock items, new & used, are on our online store.
Out of stock items can be ordered to arrive at Pure Pop within 3-5 days, or shipped to you to arrive within 4-7 days.

We will strive to be active updating the site with more used items & more discounts.

How does ordering from the online store work?

Each product page should be marked with one of the following

1.Available at the Record Store instock at Pure Pop
2.Available at the Record Store Inventory on the way to Record Store
3.Available at Distributor, Order arrives at Pure Pop in 3-5 days
4.Unavailable to be purchased or ordered at this time

You can combine items in stock at Pure Pop and at the distributor in 1 order.
We will get a notification of the order and will set up the appropriate shipping.

Items in stock at Pure Pop can also be picked up with sidewalk-no contact pickup or in your car at the library driveway across the street from our storefront.

Like all retail currently, Pure Pop has less customers.  To this end, the amount of new release items that we regularly stock will be reduced.  It is recommended that you pre-order any titles being released in May/June.  If done at least one week before streetdate will help you receive your item on or around the release date. Free Shipping over $50 order is available if all items are held to ship together.

Ok, that’s it for now. Questions/Requests?

Pick your favorite way to make contact

Online store:www.purepoprecords.com

Album requests online

General Question online







Hit us 24/7 by any method, will try to respond quickly(phone only exception, that’s more like a business hours thing)

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