Record Store Day Drops 2021

Celebrate your RSD Drop Days here, at Pure Pop on June 12 & July 17!

What goes on RSD Drop Days at Pure Pop?

First, there are hundreds of exclusive/limited releases, for more info you can check out

Items for drop #  are starting to be checked in, page 1, page 2.

Please note that RSD titles will be available at 1pm by phone or online
Note, everyone in the country can buy things on our website, so high demand titles will go fast once the online sales start at 1pm.

So how do I get my hands on my favorite RSD Drop Day release?

Well, there will be a line.  Below is a general explanation of how the day will work.

If you have done Record Store Days at Pure Pop in the past, please note the time differences from previous years.  This is also different the RSD drops last year in the middle of the pandemic.

Pure Pop opens at 9am on RSD Drop Day(Saturday June 12 or July 17). We will be collecting wish lists at 8am sharp – make sure to get yours in by then! If there are only a couple of releases you really want, we DO NOT recommend trying to be the first in line – it won’t make a difference if you fill out a wish list. As long as you’re here no later than 7:55am with your wishlist, you have just as much a chance as anyone else to get the one or two releases that you want. If you want 20 things really, really badly, then we suggest getting to Pure Pop early so you can be the first in line to get in. There is usually already a small line around 6am or so. Besides the two items on your wishlist, everything else is first come, first serve. WE DO NOT DO PRE-ORDERS OR HOLDS PRIOR TO RSD. This is just general nationwide RSD policy.

So, what’s a wish list? In order for us to try to get you the release you want, we have a “wish list” – you fill out up to 10 releases that you want in order of how much you want them (1 being: you’d kill to get it, 10 being: you wouldn’t be torn up if you missed it). We collect the wish lists at 8am sharp and shuffle them. Starting from the random wish list on the top of the pile, we pick out the top 2 items you wrote down that are available and hold it for you, so you’re guaranteed to get at least something on your list. BUT we cannot guarantee everyone will get their #1 and #2 choices. We have a very limited supply of RSD releases! As we go through the lists and things sell out, we move on to the #3, #4, #5 choices and so on.

Here’s an example of how the wish list works: Say we get 20 copies of the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia vinyl. Johnny’s wish list is 25th in the pile of randomly shuffled lists and the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia vinyl is at the top of his list. Before we get to Johnny’s list however, twenty other people had the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia on their top 2 and we put them aside for those lucky people, so we are now sold out of the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia. Sorry Johnny, but we’ll have to move on to your number 2 and 3 on the list instead. Even though Johnny didn’t get his number 1 pick, at least he got his 2nd and 3rd! and since it was really up to pure chance, he’s not too bummed and didn’t waste time by lining up outside the store at 5am.

Pure Pop tries to get as many titles as possible, but we cannot guarantee any title will be here until it arrives.  Check out twitter, #RSDDrop2021PurePop for an ongoing list of items received as we price them. Have any more questions? Give us a call at 802-658-2652.

Also, everything in the store is on sale.(non-RSD titles)
Sale prices of items in the record store will be available on our website.

20% Used CDs/Tapes/DVDs

15% Regular priced (new) cds/dvds/tapes

10% Used Vinyl

7% New vinyl/Books/Mags/Turntables/Equipment/Supplies/Posters

5% Sale priced cds/dvd/vinyl/tapes

See you on RSD Drop Day at 8am!!!